Cereal. The Other Great Low Fat Secret Weapon.

This is a follow up to the protein pancake. High Protein, High Carb, Low Fat.          

High protein? How?

Cereal matched with your favourite vanilla protein mix is an excellent pre or post workout snack. If your eating a low sugary cereal pairing any cereal with a vanilla or flavoured protein is way better tasting then milk and gives you the added protein you require for your macros! Chocolate cereals do pair up nicely with with a chocolate protein, double chocolate, YES PLEASE! 

If using a more sugary cereal, save this one as a post workout snack. Helps spike up your insulin levels. A simple carbohydrate (sugars) should be consumed after a workout. Healthier alternatives would be honey or fruit juices, bananas make a great option as well! 

Insulin plays a very important role in our bodies health and muscle growing process. I will save that blog post for next week.

You're diet doesn't need to be boring. 

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Stay Sweet ~ Johnny B