Easy as Protein Pancakes!

Protein pancakes, reminds me of being a kid on a Saturday morning! Cartoons on the television and pancakes piled a mile high with no care in the world of how much butter or sticky syrup was poured over them. The days of when we had no cares in the world and what were abs?

Now we can have this Saturday morning memory of fluffy carb goodness without sacrificing our abs and meal program. Protein Pancakes have become a staple in our healthy diet choices. Whether it be to manage our weight, to gain muscle or to lean out. We no longer have to sacrifice these tasty breakfast flapjacks!

Top it with your favourite Protein Nutter Butter, Protein Blends and Sugar Free Syrups...it's like being on a "diet" and being able to have dessert too!

Here's an easy recipe you can enjoy.


*3/4 scoop of Vanilla Protein Whey

*1/4 Blueberry (or any berry of your choice)

*1/3 cup oats

*1 tbsp light or unsweetened almond milk

*4 egg whites

Nutritional Facts

Amount Per Serving

Calories 280

Total Fat 3g

Total Carbs 27g

Protein 37g



Drizzle with your favourite Nutter Butter or sprinkle with your favourite Protein Blend from Johnny's online store and have yourself a delicious and healthy version of your Saturday morning childhood breakfast whenever you want ....without feeling guilty.

Johnny's favourite day to eat his, is of course, on leg day!

Stay Sweet - Johnny B