Holiday Belly? How To Get Back On Track After The Holidays!

Do you over indulge over the holidays like I did? You're not the only one and it's not the end of the world! No need to go to drastic measures to "undo the damage". Remember, having an epic meal...or two...maybe three over the holidays....will not make or break all the hard work and commitment that you put in the last few months. No need to feel guilty, just close the door on the fridge, pack that gym bag up and start right back where you left off.

A few easy measures you can do right away to help you look snazzy in your New Year's outfit. 

Start back on your routine. Being off a routine for just a few days can make you feel out of sorts and think you have 1 week indulgence pass instead of just a holiday dinner pass. Getting yourself back to a good healthy eating routine helps maximize your metabolism and regulates your blood sugar and insulin levels.We naturally think we need to cut back our food consumption after a holiday indulgence, however by doing so could do the total opposite of what we are trying to achieve! By not eating the proper amounts we are forcing our bodies to switch to conservation mode and in return, we burn less calories. Whats does this mean? It means your body will store that unwanted body fat and cause your body to break down muscle mass for fuel and resulting in a metabolic slow down. So if your not looking for that skinny fat look, eat your regular scheduled meals.

Carbs are not the enemy! Yes cut back but do not cut out! Without carbs we force our bodies to burn protein for fuel instead. If you have a partner, they will appreciate the fact that you won't be moody and irritable by depriving your body of what it wants and needs. No need to over indulge, veggies and whole grains are perfect choices to wean yourself back into your routine. 

Get back to the gym or your regular physical activities. Again, getting back to your daily routine is important. I know that when I'm not on my regular daily routine, it's a free for all! The sooner the better for me, other wise it's the snowball effect.

Keep yourself accountable but don't feel guilty, let it go! Push aside any regret or guilt and start refocused and ready to go. No you don't need to do extra cardio, just get back to your regular workout plan and get back to living life, guilt free.

I hope you enjoyed your holidays as much as I did. Happy Holidays!

Stay Sweet ~ Johnny B