When To Eat A Cheat Meal and Rock It Like Johnny!

So everyone has an opinion on "cheat meals" and so do I! Why do the cheat? Why not? 

When dieting for fat loss, our average intake of calories and carbs is less, we tend to be low. Over an extended period of time our bodies realize that we are taking in fewer calories than it is burning....and it gets smart on us! So in turn, it tries to balance the ratios of calories in vs. calories out by becoming more efficient on us and our metabolism will slow down. SMART...but not what we wanted if fat loss is our goal! So what do we need to do? Out smart it! Cheat meals allow us a way to trick our bodies into thinking it is getting enough calories! By doing this, we will ignite our metabolism and continue on with our goal.

When Do You Eat A Cheat Meal? Is There Really A Good Time?

This question has many different answers, it all depends on who you talk to. You can have 8 coaches all in the same room and you will get 8 different answers or combination of answers.

- on the same day as your back or leg day

- the night before your back or leg day

- on your rest day

- have it replace your last meal of the day

- eat it at whatever time during the day

- eat whatever you want

- eat in moderation what you want

- eat high carb, high protein, low fat

Your coach is experienced and knows your workout  and meal program and you know your body. Between the 2 of you, you should be able to come up with a program that works best for you, your body and your goals.

Don't ever feel guilt if you over indulge, that is a blog for another time. 

Stay Sweet - Johnny