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Lil Buff Protein Special Holiday Edition Gift Pack

Lil Buff Protein Special Holiday Edition Gift Pack

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Everyones favorites! No wrapping paper necessary with our custom drawstring bag and hand signed holiday card! These cakes are so easy to make (microwaveable) that they would make a great gift for even the domestically challenged (you know who I’m talking about!). We’ve worked for months on this special gift pack so we hope you love it! Limited supply! Life is too short to skip dessert- giving the gift of health is the best gift you can give! 


What is included?

1- Fit-Fetti

1- Cocoa Crave

1- Pump-it-up Spice

1 - Ginger-Shred Man

1- Leaner Lemon 

1- Reppin Razz

1- Custom drawstring bag

1 - Recipe Card with Icing Recipe