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Lenny & Larry The Complete Cookie - Single Cookie - Sale on Select Flavours

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Lenny & Larry's Complete Cookie & Muscle Brownie!

* 16g of protein
* 8g of fiber
* Non-GMO ingredients
* soy free
* kosher
* vegan
* no dairy
* no high fructose corn syrup
* no eggs
* no cholesterol
* no artificial sweeteners
* no sugar alcohols

Bakery Fresh

Made in a bakery – Not in a lab. Our cookies, muffins and bars are crafted with the love and care of thousands of years of baking traditions. Our master bakers carefully measure, sift and mix our mouthwatering treats to tickle your taste buds so you can savour every moist, velvety bite.

Individually wrapped for freshness. Each item will last up to 1 year with proper storage.